Thursday, 22 March 2012

How to apply false eyelash extensions at home for only 10p

How to apply false eyelashes at home
for 10p

False eyelashes can be annoying and irritating to wear, not when you apply them the way I do.
Here’s how : (details on best places to purchase later)

Wash or cleanse face make sure no residual oil is left on the eyelids.
Apply your normal mascara to front and back of the top lashes first, this way you don’t disrupt the lashes when there glued on.

Cut one of the lashes in half across the middle, you now have 2 lashes, if the lash is a longer sweep at one corner, just cut another pair too and swap them so you have one for the left eye and one for the right, the other pair you can use another time.
Apply tiny amount of glue across the strip of lash at the base, now carefully stick one of the lashes to the outer part of the eyelid, close to were the natural hair grows, take off and re-apply if not happy, it can take some practice.

Apply mascara to the lash underneath the lash gently.
Lashes can be purchased in a large box, 10 pairs for only around 2.00. That’s 20 times you can wear false lashes for a very small fee. Look on ebay, there’s lots of shops selling them.

Glue can be purchased from Sally’s beauty store or boots, use the pva type in a tube, it’s better than the cheap clear glue you get with the traditional lashes sold and it lasts a long time too.

Happy nights out looking glam for a fraction of the cost

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