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Treating the disease rocacea

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As some of you may know, I have a great deal of customer contact and feedback, it’s great  to find out what you Ladies and Gentlemen, suffer from and their various symptoms.  This helps me to formulate and produce the lovely skin healing balms, serums and creams that actually do calm skin irritation, giving relief to skin conditions such as, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, dry and red inflammation of the skin causing discomfort to many of you.
We have been asked many times for serums, creams to treat rosacea, many of our skin products do contain ingredients that help but we have embarked on formulating a cream and serum packed with all the skin loving ingredients of a  high percentage of the  vitamins that do, calm redness, inflamed and dry skin with the added benefits of oils high in vitamin E and antioxidants that do help to slow down the ageing of the skin cells, hence the anti – wrinkle and anti-aging  skin benefits are so good in these skin care products !!!
You can rest assured that all the skin care products at Lily Bee have been safety assessed by a chartered chemist and comply with the European Legislations and we hold all the relevant product insurance.  Our products are not tested on animals, as animal lovers ourselves against vivisection with a passion, why should we ?

What is Rosacea
Well if it’s something you’ve never suffered from, it’s worth knowing about because it can just appear later in life and many people don’t even know they have it until it’s set in to a pattern of regular re -occurrence’s.
Rosacea pronounced (roh – zay – sha )  is a life disrupting disorder usually of the facial skin, characterized by flare ups and remissions.  Typically beginning after the age of 30 as redness of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and sometimes, neck, chest, scalp or ears even around the eye’s.  over time becoming ruddier and more persistent, with visible blood vessels and broken veins.  Left untreated, pimples and bumps may appear, disfiguring the face.  This is a condition known as rhinophyma.
The disease is most common in Women but men also,” Rhnophyma” gave the late comedian W.C. Fields his bulbous red nose. Individuals with fair hair and fair skin who tend to blush or flush easily are believed to be at greater risk.  Symptoms can be reduced with early diagnosis and treatment before it reaches that stage.
Primary Signs of Rosacea
Flushing :
Many people who have a history of blushing frequently, this can be an early sign of the disorder.

Persistent  Redness
this is the most common sign of rosacea, and may resemble a blush or sunburn then does not go away.

Bumps and Pimples :
Pus filled pimples often develop, they may look like acne, burning or stinging may occur.
Visible Blood Vessels:
Small blood vessels near the surface of the skin become more visible
Eye Irritation :
 itchy sore patches around the eye’s, even the cornea in some severe cases. watery bloodshot eye’s known as ocular rosacea.  The eyelids may become swollen and styes are common. In severe cases, vision loss can occur without medical help.
Burning / Stinging :
An itchy sensation on the face can occur or a feeling of tightness.
Dry Appearance :
The face may be rough and appear to be very dry
Plaques :
Raised red patches may develop.
Skin Thickening :
The skin may thicken and enlarge from excess tissue, most common on the nose, this is known as rhinophyma and affects more men than women.
Swelling known as edema may occur.
How is Rosacea Treated ?
By applying a none irrelative  skin care product with very little abrasive or strong chemicals is required preferably with a sun protection factor, this can be by using product with natural minerals in such as zinc, or titanium dioxide. Which are often used in cosmetic products to cover and offer natural, sun protection.
By using natural oils rich in vitamin A such as Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Argan Oil, Beeswax, a natural antibiotic and anti-allergen with anti-histamines  the natural balance of the natural acids in the skin such as GLA, Omega 3, 6. 7, 9, vitamin A and  C,
 Vitamin E, rich in antioxidants and contain anti-microbial anti – bacterial properties which can rejuvenate, strengthen capillaries, reduce spider veins, reduce redness, moisturize and protect against further damage, reduce wrinkles and help stimulate natural healing of skin cells at a lower molecular level.
Rosacea Rescue  contains all the above plus lashings of Coconut Oil, Hazel Nut Oil and Geranium essential oil to help give the skin elasticity, protection and help reduce wrinkles, redness and dry irritated skin.
Rosecea Rescue contains No Parabens or SLES.  We do not believe in contaminating our fresh, natural oils with harsh ingredients, so rest assured your skin is in for a real treat.
Available now online for fast next day dispatch.
I have been inundated by lots of  customers with Rosacea, so I thought I would write a little about it and to let you know that we have been formulating a face balm which is none greasy and a night serum that in tests  have been working to reduce inflammation, dryness, redness and wrinkles, giving a much brighter, clearer complexion.
Rosacea Rescue and Wild Fruit night Serum is now available online at www.lilybee.co.uk

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