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Why the beauty world is raving about argan oil

Why the Beauty world is raving about argan oil
Argan oil is called “Moroccan gold” it comes from the nut of the argan tree grown in Morocco and Algeria and is traditionally harvested by the woman who crush the nut and extrude the oils by using a mortar and pestle by hand, it is a cottage industry which helps to make them a living.

Actress and Model Eva Mendes and Singer Taylor Swift stocks up on the oil and swear by its effect on their skin keeping it more supple and radiantly glowing.
Argan oil is the hottest flavor of the year, so why is everyone raving about argan oil ?

Berber women have used argan oil for centuries to protect their skin from the harsh conditions of the desert, they also applied it to their hair, used it in salads, one interesting fact was evident   the elderly women harvesting and pulverizing the nuts had hands that were beautifully soft remarkably wrinkle-free and youthful.

 Argan oil contains more than tree times vitamin E than olive oil, therefore lowering cholesterol and studies have even shown that growth of three types of vitro human prostate cancer cells was inhibited as quickly as 48 hours after being treated with polyphenols and sterols from argan oil.
Brits have been bringing bottles of argan oil home from vacations, one Brit Liz Earl, uses organic ingredients in her skincare products had the oil analyzed in the UK and the results were very encouraging she started to add it her beauty products. Rich in hydrating fatty acids and antioxidant polyphenols, remarkably high in vitamin E, it is believed that argan oil has the highest content than any other oil.
The claims for this wonderful oil have been analyzed there’s no denying that argan oil has
 age-defying, moisturizing and skin-healing properties.
For the face :

 Moisturises dull, dry, lifeless skin and can be used under makeup as a base for foundation.
Protects and renews skin damage and pollution from environmental factors
Regulates oily skin as studies have shown on those with oily and combination skin
Moisturises dull, dry, lifeless skin and can be used under makeup as a base for foundation.
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